• What makes our course unique?

    Development Pathways is committed to designing evidence-based and context-specific solutions to social and economic policy challenges facing low- and middle-income countries. Our training course is focused on solutions to inclusive social protection and is based on our vast research and hands-on country experience. We gather global experts in the field to provide in-depth and interactive discussions on inclusive social protection.

    Developing an inclusive social protection scheme in Angola, as a building block for a social protection system.

    Inclusive approach

    We know from our research and experience that if social protection is to be effective, it must be inclusive and implemented as a right of all citizens. Social security is a human right, not charity. At the core of this is the inherent dignity of every person.

    Building the case for inclusive social protection: training in Angola


    We have built a wealth of experience in engaging with policymakers so that they commit to investing in inclusive, lifecycle social protection schemes. Underpinning our policy advice is a strong commitment to following the evidence on what is effective. We will bring this experience to the course, which will build on successful courses that we have delivered in recent years.

    Interactive social protection training in Uganda.


    Development Pathways takes an interactive, empowering approach to learning in the training that we deliver. Plenary sessions and films on key topics will be accompanied by group work, exercises and games in which participants arrive at answers themselves. This provides an opportunity to build networks and access the insights of other attendees.


  • Course Structure

    Each week, participants will gain access to:

    • A 2-hour live core lecture ending in group discussions which will, during some weeks, be supplemented by an additional 1-hour recorded lecture (all lectures will be recorded and made available to participants)
    • E-coaching sessions where the trainer will be available for participants to ask questions or discuss the topic more in-depth

    • Background reading materials and other extra resources

    • A prompted discussion forum to encourage interaction between participants


    Sneak Peek into the 2022 Core Sessions

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