• Inclusive Social Protection

    in Sri Lanka:

    Shifting the Paradigm

    30 September - 2 December 2020

  • Welcome!

    Welcome! UNICEF Sri Lanka, in collaboration with Verité Research and Development Pathways, has organised a 10-week high-level seminar series on inclusive social protection. This seminar series is geared towards individuals and/or practitioners who are interested in rethinking and rebuilding Sri Lanka's social protection system. Each module will be administered by a global expert on different social protection topics from Development Pathways, as well as presentations/responses from local experts on related topics. This will allow all participants to have a common theoretical and practical understanding of social protection and the challenges faced by the current system in Sri Lanka, in order to generate dialogue on the future of social protection in Sri Lanka. A certificate will be provided to participants who complete a minimum of 80% of the seminar series.


    The seminar series will aim to provide participants with:


      An interactive and participatory space where their know-how and expertise is brought into the discussions on practical solutions for Sri Lanka.


      An in-depth understanding of social protection so that they are able to effectively raise awareness and advocate for increased investment in inclusive social protection to policy makers.


      A comprehensive understanding of social protection’s economic, social and political impacts, and the value of increased investment in the sector; and to bust some of the most common myths around inclusive social protection.

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