• Inclusive Social Protection: Making the Case

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    New dates: 10 weeks: 1 February - 15 April 2022

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    Development Pathways is proud to present a 10-week online training course on inclusive social protection! This programme is aimed at a wide range of professionals working on social protection including those from government, international organisations, civil society organisations, academia, as well as consultants who want to build on their understanding of inclusive social protection.
    Each module will be led by a global expert in social protection and will have been build on the trainers' wealth of experience in engaging with policy makers to gain commitments to invest in inclusive, lifecycle social protection schemes. If social protection is to be effective, it must be inclusive and implemented as a right of all citizens. Inclusive social protection systems ensure that everyone is able to access income security throughout the lifecycle, from childhood to old age, whenever it is required. Schemes are often universal and, importantly, must be designed in a way that appeals to policymakers so that they invest in them.
    Yet, convincing policy makers and development partners to invest can be challenging. They may not appreciate the value of social protection, may believe it is unaffordable, or may have been convinced by many of the negative myths surrounding it. As a consequence, too many people globally are still left behind. The online training course will, therefore, aim to provide participants with:

    An in-depth understanding of social protection so that they are able to effectively make the case for increased investment in inclusive social protection (ISP).


    Evidence to influence policymakers in different countries and development institutions to make the case for inclusive social protection.


    A comprehensive understanding of social protection’s economic, social and political impacts, and the value of increased investment in the sector.


  • What are the requirements?

    The following requirements are essential to participate in the programme:

    • The ability to use and access a computer with internet

    • Working knowledge of written English.

    What is included?

    • Live lectures by experts in social protection 
    • One-on-one or group e-coaching with the global experts/trainers
    • Peer-driven discussion forums
    • Unlimited access to course materials
    • Certificate of Achievement

    What is the price?

    • Early bird discount (until 15 November): $ 1,350 USD (per participant)

    • Per participant: $ 1,500 USD

    • Group of 5+ discount: $ 1,350 USD (per participant)

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    Terms and Conditions
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    3.	Development Pathways Cancellation
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